Buying My First 45

Tommy James’ “Draggin’ the Line”

snagged for four bits, lifted

from my grubby little mitts like a grudge

by the shopkeeper at Reese’s Records.


Drum-bass-brass in nine-year-old ears,

rock’n’roll drove me straight off my Mercator

of the familiar into terra incognita:

Here be dragons.


for the dVerse Monday June 3 prompt: Quadrille #81 – Here there be {poem} dragons


clock that ends in fleeting boy

Evolved to solve the problem of
river there is little food to claim
with sound being a subject
that shall be fulfilled.
Getting old and dying almost insects
but much less so for one
that is energetically exhausting.

To have the wildness to their own spawning
flipping energy into balancing energy
how a poem achieves a kind of everything
into reproducing just once,
this arduous tiger would normally signify
a boy, undirected and kicking

nature’s great migrations each year
one chance to maintain their health
solve theme alone can steady us
and build up grasshopper
Every kind of organism has to be wild
with nothing for Orpheus.
Then there is this immediately thereafter
(a common strategy among bodies in the air)

and a tune in such a straightness
all directions as of a hot back to their natal river

An exercise in psychic automatism inspired by Philip Lamantia and Will Alexander.