Poem about what is outside my window

On the Dodge

Sunday afternoon springtime apartment window.
Spring break ends today – back to
work tomorrow.

Blue 95 Dodge Dakota waits at curb for commute
two front tires bald
oil black
windshield cracked in six places by semi kickups of
of hottop freeway gravel,
……………two cracks split to weather stripping by freezes.

On the road, every day, six hours
150 miles
part time teaching gig to
part time teaching gig
by truck and train and cab and foot

to make enough to get back to apartment
where rent eats half my pay
and ticket fare parking gas eats
……………………….another quarter
paying just to keep going

in that Dodge, with bald tires
……………I can’t afford to replace yet
and the catalytic converter – replaced once already – starting to whine again
threatening to fail another smog test
……………Dodge with a salvage title / Blue Book of $0

190,000 miles on it.
How many on me?
before I get back to the apartment, look out the window at spring
sycamores with new leaves
and caterpillars rappelling down on silk strands
from empty egg sacks
to eat and chrysalis and fly and lay.

Neighbors starting to yell again.
They were arguing over stereo volume earlier.
Arguing over complaints to the manager
Arguing because they’re too many of us
too little space
always someone above below behind
pushing hot
wishing you didn’t exist

Just look at the trees
and keep wishing
Look at the trees
and keep wishing


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