Everyone’s Gone to the Show

Everyone’s Gone to the Show

And I’m home alone, not so much by choice
as necessity, feet too beat to stand

drink too strong for this body or mind
to hold without tipping into the abyss

but my mood turns like a skipping record
without you there to give me a push

and loneliness alone is worse than
in a crowd no matter what anyone says

So I water the plants hoping for life
and play your favorite songs and wait

I try to write something that justifies
the time free to concentrate but fail

because the lights get dimmer and I can’t
blink away depression that presses my eyes

like that dream in which I dream that I am
falling asleep while driving and feeling sleepier

and cannot wake up, and finally give up
sliding faster into the crash that wakes me

with you always there still asleep but
holding everything I need to keep going


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