Cut-Up 04062014

Police raid house in East Vancouver

Photographs interrogate a house.
Video polices graffiti.
In paint baseball warrants a drawn prisoner
and black a transport time pretext.
Team released examination by Zig
entered without and EE Zag the charges recovery.
No house told data the Graffiti
Zag was the Warrior.
People use charges including the contact raid K9 –
charges team could text out A –
search still messages around the B emails.
The 9AM house laid call A logs,,
forensic any A cops video residents from camera that
cell strategy the appeared
they search or politically Police.
Electronic motivated Department filmed storage repression –
raided the completed devices against exterior A radicals.
House of this, The, and in the time, especially East
house the items growing under warrants”
for during resistance the yard search raid oil and laptop gas;
pipelines mischief itself
filming cell province ,, to the phones
as graffiti target interior A tags,
they of collection tactic dating raid political raid
A as zines enables July camera police to take October banners
seize 11AM and all computers residents
to extract but as A information
the one “graffiti video from house of vandalism camera
their aiming was latex 2 return pistols.
He rubber and raid them would gloves sworn
its person charged masks Detective with glass occupation
the 6 etching Wong of house counts
kits of the looked books the space out mischief
with Vancouver by their under graffiti –
police the bedroom with 5000 image based cops.
Window and notepads provide they saw away paper and cop the images
The opportunity pointing prisoner or time to his transport graffiti
for take pistol van any the A –
those computer executions snapshot him electronic
their house told devices warrant target’s targeted to such is lives.
Possibly external comprised hard 6AM radicals
would camera Indigenous digital resistance.
Bowes strategy anarchist pictures projects individual repression,
canvas a raid city taken video –
jail may silence Warrior cops –
Integrated with Ram resistance –
the attempted take identified:
Once Graffiti movements removed Task ability from Force


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