Corners of the Mouth

Corners of the Mouth
A Celebration of Thirty Years at the Annual
San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival

So happy to be included among so many incredible writers I have admired for along time:


My poem:

Rock Painting Above the Sespe

In Piedra Blanca, if you look under
the rocks you’ll see stars,
the dome of the universe
blackened by eons of fire.
One red ember guided
by a brown wrinkled hand
shoots straight across the sky
to explode in the sun.
One red figure, a man or god,
hangs suspended in the sky
as if waiting for a signal
to erase the world and begin again.
What rough hands wet this rock
with blood and hematite
and painted this star map?
What eye measured the night sky
and knew its rotation?
And did he then sit back and wait,
knowing his stars would outlast
the world, yet
believing that his world
would begin again?


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