NaPoWriMo Day Fifteen

Last, but not least, here’s our prompt for the day (optional, as always!). Because we’re halfway through NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that reflects on the nature of being in the middle of something.

Kind of on prompt: a poem about April 15, the middle of the month and…

Incoming Taxes

And now, a message from the IRS:

We’ve made an addition to your tax forms that we think you’re going to find very special.

This year, there’ll be a box on your form which will allow you to take charge of how your taxes are used.

Simply put a check mark in the box and your money will be spent on our nation’s military budget–only!  It’s that simple!

No more funding projects you don’t like.  No more of your money
going to:

  •  obscene art that you don’t approve of
  •  endless subsidies for those reckless farmers
  •  welfare money for lazy people
  •  or free school lunches for their children

Now all your money can go to shiny new patriot missiles, stealth bombers, and other really cool hardware.

And to make this offer even more attractive, if we go to war, we’ll send you a certificate of honor explaining exactly how your money was used to defend democracy.

Here are some case histories from a test group which has already had a chance to take advantage of this exciting offer:

“Hi, my name is Bud, and my 10 bucks helped pay for the kilowatts of electricity used to fry political dissidents in Chile.”

“My name is Eliza and I’m 78 years young and my $4.17 paid for a 5.56 mm cartridge shot in Afghanistan.  The slug hit a six-year-old boy in the leg, shattering his femur.  They even sent me a bone fragment.”

“My money went to cluster bombs in Iraq!”
“Mine to train attack dogs to rape women prisoners!”

Yes, the inspiring stories go on and on.  So act fast and check in your tax form.  After all, if you don’t check the box, we’ll take your money anyway.

So get the proof that it takes to show all your friends that you’re doing your part to keep the red…in the red, white, and blue.

by m.j.smith


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