Have we been taught poetry all wrong?

Poet Matthew Zapruder say that we are too often asked to find the ‘hidden meanings’ in poems, as if a poem is a riddle.


Source: Have we been taught poetry all wrong?

Response: Zapruder’s book sounds terribly dishonest from this article. In a short space he veers from romantic canard (“[poetry] can really open a person up…in a way that can’t be done by any other form of writing”) to political cliché (“this intuitive, associative power, he says, can be lost on people because of the way poetry is taught” – it’s always those damn teachers) to absurdities divorced from reality (“[poetry is] something elusive and complex, said in the simplest way possible”). m.j.smith



Pseudo-poetics of witness

Just read this for the first time today in Karmic Traces. Weinberger is my favorite curmudgeon:

Can I Get a Witness? by Eliot Weinberger: The first part of this article was published in the Village Voice Literary Supplement in July 1996, and was the first public declaration of the pseudonymity of Araki Yasusada. The postscript gives a brief history of what happened after.

Poem published in The Ekphrastic Review

I am very pleased to have had my poem “La Maja Desnuda” published in The Ekphrastic Review. I have a great love for ekphrastic poems and write several every year, not only about paintings but statues, tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, etc. I like to push poetry into encounters with other art forms. So I am very happy Lorette C. Luzajic is editing this review. Other ekphrastic journals have come and gone, while Lorette’s is not only active but thriving. My thanks to her for adding my submission to her current selection.