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Mount Diablo poems


Where Bald Ridge trail ends in Prospectors Gap
water seeps out from a crack in greywacke
below the summit
and Devil’s pulpit

Mapped first by Mary Bowerman 1944 in
The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo, California

Mimulus guttata
Gold monkeyflowers lean on long pedicels
over springwater
reflection of monkey face petals,
mimics their mirror image

laughing monkey

Miwok crushed leaves to treat sores and burns
Root eases fever, dysentery, hemorrhage

Pioneers seasoned meat with
leaves and stems,
concentrate salts from soil

Orange Sticky Monkey secretes resin
to feed hungry larvae of the buckeye butterfly
and stunt their growth
so they eat fewer leaves

tricky monkey

Scarlet Monkeyflower boasts
the most nectar
luring hummingbirds, to kiss their foreheads with pollen

Mud clouds Mimulus Spring most days
Clouds muddy waters with spring rain
Which mimics which?

by m.j.smith



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Happy birthday to John Ashbery, who is ninety today. Read his Art of Poetry interview here:
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