Prompt: Lines from Fortune Cookies

Everybody does this one. Don’t worry about it.

Your lucky number is one, but it makes others dislike you.

Someday your blueberry crumble will win a blue ribbon.

The plans of your cats have reached completion. Don’t return home!

You will convert loneliness into a great mastery of Jeopardy.

When the mouse on your computer stops working, so will you.

Look both ways before crossing love, otherwise a fire engine may result.

I have been following you for several days now, and as hauntings go, yours has been the dullest.

This one was written after the cookie was baked, so it was in the past tense.

There is someone close by who thinks you smell.

You cannot prove I wrote this.

I make less than minimum wage and you can afford to eat out. You tell me something good.

She who binds her own foot will meter stress before a break.

You will meet someone someday. It will not be Frank O’Hara.

No one will publish this one.

We ran out of p’s (after that one), so someday you will be resident.


11 thoughts on “Prompt: Lines from Fortune Cookies

  1. For those bitten by love gone awry more than once, love is never lovelier the second time around (as the song goes) and looking both ways before crossing love is among the many lessons not learned. Great piece; enjoyed it!

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